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The powerful combination of internationally recognized researchers at WUN member institutions, substantial research collections and the leading technology of the WUNgrid infrastructure will bring exciting and innovative collaborative research opportunities. The Vision of the WUNgrid initiative is to realize these in a wide range of disciplines.

In medicine, WUNgrid will enable us to link national registries and databases, thereby providing unique opportunities for further research into diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, research which can make a major contribution to health on a global basis.

In the physical sciences, WUNgrid will help the development of tools for pattern analysis in large data sets captured by remote sensors in order to identify in advance life threatening events such as floods, earthquakes and catastrophic storms.

In the social sciences, WUNgrid will provide an infrastructure to give researchers the ability to access data sets easily, and through collaborative research develop tools to inform policy decisions in key areas such as economic development, land usage and population growth.

In the arts and humanities, WUNgrid will support the creation of virtual environments to research and represent many dimensions of the human physical interaction over the centuries, from medieval and renaissance times up to the present.

In engineering science, WUNgrid will facilitate international collaborative research into advanced aerospace technology, bringing together leading researchers in this field in Europe and the US.

In environmental sciences, WUNgrid will provide the infrastructure which will enable research in oceanography and meteorology to be conducted on a global scale.


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