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Grid computing is a natural choice for WUN's research infrastructure. WUNgrid is a Semantic Grid, ensuring that there is a focus from the outset on the description of resources to ease discovery and maximize inter-operability. WUNgrid is also a Collaborative Grid, enabling the creation and support of research collaborations.

WUNgrid currently links sites in Europe and the US. It is being extended to include sites in the Far East both through WUN partners in China, and WUN links to the Pacific Rim Applications and Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA). WUNgrid will have established credentials as a global data grid for collaborative research. With the infrastructure on which WUNgrid depends in place, each of the WUN member institutions is committed to using this resource to develop collaborative research opportunities.

WUNgrid is user-led and application-focused. It is used to build data grids for sharing data, digital libraries for publication of data, and persistent archives for preservation of data. WUN member institutions hold substantial institutional research collections and archives of significance for the wider research community.

These collections used by researchers in multiple institutions can be registered into the WUN data grid and then accessed by members of each institution.

WUNgrid stands out both for the intrinsic importance of its vision-the means to share research collections across the WUN partners; and also for its potential-the provision of new resources and opportunities for collaborative research worldwide.

The vision...

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