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The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) is an international alliance of leading higher education institutions. Building on a commitment to research quality and innovation which unites all its partners, WUN aims to develop collaborations of substance and depth in interdisciplinary areas of global significance.

WUNgrid is an initiative which brings together the international research expertise at the WUN member institutions to work on a series of innovative collaborative projects which are made possible by the emerging Grid technology.

The partner institutions of the Worldwide Universities Network are international leaders in Grid and E-Science projects. They are also holders and guardians of substantial institutional archives and research collections of significance to the wider research community. WUNgrid aims to ensure that these important resources are available to researchers across the Worldwide Universities Network.

Click here to download the WUN Grid prospectus. See also this press release issued July 2005.

WUN Grid - the provision of new resources and opportunities for collaborative research worldwide

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